If you are planning to move, you may be curious about the different ways to save money. Whether you want to save on packing materials or transportation, knowing the correct ways to reduce costs is important.

As an experienced moving and storage company, we have helped numerous customers cut costs during their relocation. This article will cover some helpful tips to save money on your residential relocation.

Host a Garage Sale

When you have items you don’t plan to take to the next destination, you should consider hosting a garage sale to sell them. Numerous items such as clothing, electronics, or furniture will be in demand at a neighborhood sale.

Selling your items at a yard or garage sale will help you earn money for the relocation and take fewer items with you. If there are no upcoming sales in your area, consider hosting the event so others can benefit.

Donate Unwanted Items and Non-Perishable Food

If hosing a sale is not practical or possible where you live, you can also donate your items. Many charity organizations will take your unwanted items and distribute them to those in need.

Along with clothing and furniture, you can donate non-perishable food items to local food banks. Canned and boxed items can be stored for longer periods before giving them out to those facing food insecurity.

Ask About Reusable Packing Materials

Before you purchase all new packing materials from your supply store, you should ask your moving provider about reusable materials. Most professional residential movers will lend packing materials such as:

  • Moving Pads
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Moving Straps

Additionally, you can find packing boxes when visiting local department stores. Sometimes, a retail store will give you free or discounted shipping materials if you ask them for their leftover boxes.

Use Household Fabrics as Moving Supplies

If you want to cut costs on moving supplies, consider using your household fabric items as moving supplies. Fabric products like blankets or sheets can help protect your belongings during transportation.

However, residential movers recommend taking additional steps to protect your fragile items. Talk to your moving provider about transporting your fragile items using moving pads and custom crating.

Empty Self-Storage Before the Moving Date

When you have self-storage units, you should empty them before your moving day. A moving company will make an extra stop to empty your storage, but it will add labor and transportation costs to your relocation.

If possible, you should consolidate or dispose of your items in the storage units. Limiting the number of stops the moving company makes will help you save money during your residential relocation.

Work With a Low-Cost Moving Provider

When searching for a moving and storage company, you may feel tempted to choose the lowest-priced option. However, you should consider other factors that ensure you work with a reputable provider that will safely transport your items.

One of the best ways to find a reputable moving company is by reading online customer reviews about past experiences. Additionally, you should look at signs of experience, such as industry accolades and affiliations.

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