When planning a relocation, it’s always a good idea to do things in advance to reduce the stress of the move. If you don’t give yourself enough time, you may miss out on crucial steps for a smooth experience.

As an experienced moving company, we have helped countless customers plan for their upcoming household moves. This article will cover some ways you can plan in advance for your relocation.

Establish a Packing Schedule

If you have many items to pack, it may seem like an intimidating challenge for your relocation. However, you can make the packing less overwhelming by establishing a packing schedule for your home.

Separate areas of your home into different days for packing your household items. By breaking up the packing into different days, you can spread out the work required to prepare your home for relocation.

Call Local Utilities to Cancel/Set Up Service

From your internet provider to your electrical utility company, it’s a good idea to call them in advance. At your current residence, you should let your utility company know when to cut off your service.

Additionally, you can schedule the installation of your utilities at your next destination. By performing the setup process early, you won’t have to deal with an extended delay in receiving service.

Empty your Pantry/Refrigerator of Excess Food Items

Before the moving day, you must plan to empty your pantry and refrigerator of food items. For non-perishable foods, you will need to eat or discard them on moving days. Moving companies will not take these items, which will likely spoil during transport.

However, you can donate non-perishable food items to charitable organizations in your local area. A food bank will distribute your unopened items and give them to those facing food insecurity.

Make Arrangements for Children and Pets

If you plan a local relocation, you can arrange to have a trusted person watch your children or pets. During the moving day, it can be stressful to look after your children and help residential movers coordinate the relocation.

Before the moving date, you should confirm with a person that they are available to help you. With your children and pets taken care of, you can put your full attention on relocating your household items.

Start Calling Moving Companies Now

During specific times of the year, a moving company can be busier and require more time before handling your move. If you want to ensure your moving company has time to schedule you, it’s good to call them early in the process.

While booking a moving company, you should look for these characteristics:

  • Industry Awards and Accolades
  • Certified and Licensed
  • Years of Experience

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