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Moving Checklist

Whether you are moving internationally or locally, moving can be a headache if you're not properly prepared. Our moving checklist is here to provide assistance in relieving the moving headache. 4 TO 6 WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR MOVE Make an inventory of your household goods.  Start a file for...

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Moving FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions that we are asked on a regular basis about our moving services. Q: Is it O.K. to leave the dressers loaded? A: Yes, you can leave clothing in the dressers. Remove anything that is fragile or breakable and all small items. Do not tape drawers and cup...

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Tips for a Seamless International Move

When you begin thinking about an overseas move, regardless of distance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Moving nationally seems difficult enough, and international moves present a new array of challenges. Don’t fret any longer! At Allied Alaska, our Fairbanks movers are experts at providing seamless,...

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