Things to Consider If You're Downsizing as Part of Your Household Move

When moving to a smaller residence, it’s common for someone to downsize their belongings. We often accumulate possessions we cannot fit into a smaller home and items we no longer want to keep. 

However, downsizing can be challenging for people and sometimes require difficult decisions. As an experienced mover, we have helped our customers downsize and maximize their available space. This article will cover things to consider if you’re downsizing during a move.

Permanent Downsizing

If the relocation is to a permanent living situation, you must give yourself adequate time for the downsizing process. When you have lived somewhere for an extended period, you will likely have accumulated many items.

By giving yourself plenty of time, you can make the correct decisions on what items you want to keep and what items you want to eliminate. The downsizing process can often be difficult if you are helping a family member relocate.

The memories associated with items can make them difficult to dispose of, even if unused for many years. A moving company can help make the relocation for an elderly parent less stressful for families.

Temporary Downsizing

When you need to relocate to a smaller residence temporarily, the demands of the downsizing process will change. Instead of eliminating your items permanently, you can store them in a self-storage or warehouse facility.

For as long as you live in your temporary residence, you can pay to have your items stored in a storage facility. Once you are ready to move into a more permanent location, you can bring your items back into the home.

Develop a Plan for the Disposal of Items

After spending time gathering the items you want to keep, your next task is to dispose of the unwanted items. There are several ways to get rid of items, whether you want to donate or dispose of them properly.

If you have unwanted items such as electronics, clothing, or cooking supplies, you can donate them to a charity. Many charities will accept your donations and give others an opportunity to purchase them at a lower price.

Some of the most popular charities you can donate to are:

  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Local Churches

Make Plans Around Your New Residence

Once you have decided on your downsizing plan, you can make plans around your next residence. Researching all the new amenities and facilities near your new home will make you excited to begin the moving process.

The added excitement will make adjusting to a smaller residence easier. If you want to make your moving experience more enjoyable, you should consider hiring local or long-distance movers. A moving company will do the heavy lifting and allow you to enjoy your residence.

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