When it comes time to move, it’s important to have a plan of action for all your belongings—including the various items throughout your kitchen. As professional residential movers in Alaska, Allied Alaska has some tips for safely and efficiently moving different items commonly found in kitchens, and we want to share them with you!

  • Moving Your Kitchen Belongings
  • Taking Care of Everything Else

How Can You Move Different Kitchen Items Effectively?

Your kitchen is full of all types of items that you’ll definitely want to take with you once you make the big move. The questions is: how can you get everything to your new home in good shape? Here are some easy tips for the main items you’ll find in this room:

  • Kitchen Furniture: To keep chairs and tables in good condition, wrap furniture in moving blankets to protect from scratches during transport. It’s also a good idea to use doorway covers and tarping on the ground to avoid scratching the house up, too.
  • Plates & Glassware: Your plates and glassware are going to be quite fragile, so it’s crucial to ensure they are packaged correctly for the journey. Be sure to separate plates with multiple layers of packing paper or some form of padding like dish pads or bubble roll.
  • Silverware: Silverware will be decidedly less fragile, but it can be quite loud if it’s able to move around. To avoid this, pack everything securely in small, contained space. You may also consider wrapping silverware in small groupings for additional security during transport.
  • Small Kitchen Appliances: With more expensive items, you should try your best to pack them in a box that is sized for it with adequate padding to minimize any shifting during the journey.

The good news is a trustworthy moving company will help you take care of all this to ensure your belongings stay safe while in transit and in storage!

What Can You Do with the Rest?

  • Donate Nonperishable Items to a Food Pantry: If you have nonperishable items that you don’t want to take with you on your journey, you can donate them to a local food pantry.
  • Use or Dispose of Perishable Items: As for perishable items, your best bet is either to use them before you go, or throw them away if you don’t have the time.
  • Dispose of Flammable Liquids/Combustible Items: If you have any flammable liquids around your kitchen, your best bet is to just leave them behind or dispose of them. Same goes for combustible items like fire extinguishers!

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