When you think of moving season, you typically think of Spring or Summer days, not the holiday season. The two don’t usually coincide. Still, there are some real advantages to relocating during the off-season of moving.

For starters, housing costs are generally cheaper during the winter months. Not to mention you might save a bit on moving expenses. We've organized some holiday moving tips to help you cash in on the savings.

Budget First

Certain holidays can get a little out of hand with shopping sprees and gift buying. Call your residential mover months in advance. Many moving companies can give estimates over the phone. That way, your gift and moving budget will be fully funded.

Pack Early

Moving expenses increase the more you add to them. If you pack early, you can assess how much you want to pay to move. This is another way to decrease your moving budget. As a bonus, if you pack early, you’ll have more time to celebrate.

Donate Unwanted Items

The holiday season is an excellent time to donate. What you no longer use may be precisely what another family needs to complete their celebration. Additionally, many places desire extra donations this time of year.

Hold Off on Big Purchases

Many companies run major sales centered around a holiday. Buying a large new TV or bulky exercise equipment may be tempting. Remember that whatever you buy, you’ll have to pay to move. It might be wiser to wait.

Take a Host Break

Consider taking a break this year if your house is the usual gathering spot. Perhaps there is someone else who would like a turn. That could make their festivities jollier while preventing the family from gathering around boxes.

Label Decorations Clearly

Though you’re unlikely to decorate a home that will be vacant soon, chances are you’ll want to get into the spirit of the season at your new home. Labeling your décor clearly will help you find them at the new place.

Book Your Movers in Advance

Many people take time off during the holidays to celebrate with loved ones. This includes the moving and storage industry too. Schedule your move months in advance to ensure that your movers have staff to accommodate.

If you want a genuinely hassle-free relocation, go with an experienced long-distance mover. Allied Alaska provided Alaska households with comprehensive relocation services since 1983. Give us a call for a free quote.