Here are a few frequently asked questions that we are asked on a regular basis about our moving services.

Q: Is it O.K. to leave the dressers loaded?

A: Yes, you can leave clothing in the dressers. Remove anything that is fragile or breakable and all small items. Do not tape drawers and cupboards shut. Tape may damage the finish.

Q: Can you pack and move me on the same day?

A: If there is a significant amount of packing, it should be done the day before the move. That way you will be ready to go when the movers arrive. The packers can also advise you on all the various aspects of the move to ensure you are fully prepared. This will save you time, and money.

Q:Will you bring the crates out to load at my house?

A:Yes, we will bring out the required crates to load your house hold goods into.

Q: When is it a good idea to have an extra man or men on the move?

A: More complicated access, long walks, or elevators would be good situations for extra help. For example, if your move has an elevator at both locations, two men can keep moving items out to the truck while the driver wraps and loads everything. This way one man is not waiting around to carry a large item while the driver is occupied. Obviously a very large move would require extra men to ensure the move is performed in a reasonable time.

Q: Do I have to unload my file cabinets?

A:Upright letter and legal size file cabinets do not have to be unloaded. Anything fragile or breakable should be removed, but papers and files can remain. Again, do not tape the drawers closed. When the file cabinets are placed on a moving dolly, the drawers are secured. Lateral file cabinets should be unloaded because of their design. Lateral file cabinets can easily be bent and distorted if they are moved with any significant weight in them. (A lateral file cabinet is one which is wider than it is tall).

Q: What do you do if some of my items do not fit in a crate?

A: Oversize items are wrapped and carefully labeled. They are stored in a separate area in the warehouse. Pianos, for example, are never stored in crates due to their weight, but we take care of many upright and grand pianos.