When you hire a moving company to move your items for you, you might think that they can move just about anything. Unfortunately, that is not really the case. There are different types of items that moving companies won’t move for various reasons, and if you don’t plan ahead, you might be stuck figuring out what to do with these items. That is why the experienced residential movers here at Allied Alaska will go over how to plan and what to do with items that moving companies won’t move.

The Laundry Room

Your laundry room has many potentially hazardous items that local and long distance movers won’t move. From bleach to detergent, there are a variety of flammable cleaners that can combust during the move. That is why, if you have any cleaners and detergents in your laundry, make sure you dispose of them before moving day so the movers won’t have to worry about them.

The Living Room

The living room is one of the spaces in your home that you likely decorate to make it more welcoming. From art decorations to clocks, there are a variety of items that you use to make it more aesthetically appealing. One of the items you might have in your living room are plants. If you have live plants, moving companies won’t move them simply because they will likely not survive the trip. So, if you have plants, consider:

  • Getting Rid Of Plants
  • Moving The Plants Yourself
  • Give Them To Someone Who Wants Them

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the main room in your home that you use for cooking food along with storing your fire extinguisher. This means that you likely have a lot of perishable food items in your fridge and even in your pantry along with a fire extinguisher. Moving companies won’t move these items because perishables will rot during the moving process and a fire extinguisher is a potentially combustible item. For that reason, before your move, consider:

  • Eating Your Remaining Perishables
  • Dispose Of Perishables
  • Properly Dispose Of Your Fire Extinguisher

The Bedrooms

Bedrooms are personal areas that people use to store their own personal belongings. Items such as jewelry and electronics are commonly found in bedrooms. One thing that you might have in your bedroom are personal firearms. Firearms are hazardous and if you are moving across state lines, they might not be allowed in certain states. That is why moving companies won’t move them, so if you have firearms, you may want to:

  • Ship Any Firearms
  • Learn About Local & State Firearm Laws
  • Transport Your Firearms Yourself

The Garage & Patio

Your garage and patio is where you likely store yard care equipment, grills, fertilizer, and gasoline and oil. Yard equipment usually uses gasoline while your BBQ grills likely have flammable items inside of them. Your fertilizer may also be potentially flammable, which is another reason why moving companies won’t move these items. To avoid any stress with these items, make sure you:

  • Empty Out Any Grills & Lawn Equipment
  • Dispose Of Gasoline, Oil, Fertilizer
  • Consider Giving Away Any Equipment

Enjoy A Smoother Moving Experience

Now that you know what type of items moving companies won’t move, you are better prepared to deal with these items before your moving day. With these tips, you won’t have to worry about not dealing with any items left behind at the last minute.