A home relocation takes its toll on anyone, no matter the size of the move involved. However, you’d want value for the services you receive. Many factors affect the financial outlay of your move, and that can be a little stressful to figure out. But it’s always ideal to have a clear idea of what your move will cost before signing up with a proven residential moving company.

How Local Moves Are Priced

For local moves, your residential movers in Alaska will issue prices based on the time it takes to move your items from one location to another and the transportation costs involved. Hourly rates are applicable in such situations. The crew members required for the job and the time it takes them to complete it are used to calculate the total labor cost for your move. Besides, a moving company might charge a fee to cover the fuel cost for their truck over the distance from your current residence to your new home.

How Long-Distance Moves Are Priced

Long-distance moves or moves across state lines are priced based on the weight of the items you want to move. A professional estimator from the home movers will take a computerized inventory of all items to be moved. The total weight of the items will be determined using a mathematical formula for that purpose. With the estimated weight and the carrier’s tariff rate, you get to know the cost of transporting your items.

Why In-Home Estimates Are Needed

Whether you’re embarking on a local or long-distance move, your residential movers need to inspect your household items in person. This helps to provide an accurate estimate that is fair to you as a customer and matches the moving company’s time and equipment usage.

A moving company must also assess whether special circumstances may arise during your move, including limited truck access or extra time needed to navigate your home’s stairwells and elevators.

Pricing for Additional Services

You can also pay extra for additional services provided by Alaska long-distance movers, like packing and warehouse storage. You’ll also pay extra if you want the moving company to supply disposable packing supplies and materials such as tapes and moving boxes.

Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimates

The best deal for your move is one with a binding cost estimate, which helps you prepare your moving budget without fuss. A binding estimate will protect you from additional charges arising from unexpected events the moving company may experience during the move. If you go ahead with a non-binding estimate, a moving company will have room to increase the price during the move (subject to legal limits) to cover for unanticipated expenses.

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