Moving is stressful without any added pressures. When you add the heat that comes during a warmer than usual day it gets even worse. At Allied Alaska movers we want to offer you 6 easy to manage tips for staying cool during a residential move that occurs on a warm weather day.

1. Always Have Bottled Water on Hand

Keeping your body hydrated is a top priority when moving. Try to have bottled water at room temperature and at a colder temperature on hand while moving. We know as professional movers that water is always appreciated so it is nice to have water available for them too!

2. Wear Protective and Comfortable Clothing

It is recommended that movers wear sports apparel, cotton clothing, or basic breathable clothing. These types of clothing help wick away moisture keeping your body safer during moves. We also suggest wearing correct protective gear such as gloves that have a good grip and closed toed shoes to protect your toes from any potential damage.

3. Arrange for Dependent Care Outside of the Home

Moving often requires doors to be left open, meaning your children and pets will be experiencing the warm weather as well as potentially being let out of the house. It is better to have your dependents in a climate-controlled adult monitored safe area while you are moving, this allows you to worry about one less thing.

4. Service Your Vehicle Before a Long-Distance Move

Getting stuck in the middle of a move is miserable. Make sure to get your car serviced and to check your coolant for your AC. You do not want to be without air conditioning for your long-distance move.

5. Try to Keep Your Home Cool

With the doors of your home open it is difficult to keep your home cool. We suggest running fans throughout your home to allow air movement as you move. If you are in an area with a breeze open the windows and let the breeze work for you. Cross ventilation can be helpful if you open windows and doors opposite of each other.

6. Do Not Overexert Yourself

Manual Labor can be very taxing during the warmer months. It is important to have small snacks on hand and to take regular breaks. This will keep your energy up throughout the day.

If you feel that heavy lifting is too much for you, Allied Alaska movers are here to help you with your moving and storage needs. Call us today to get your free moving and storage quote.