You’re getting ready to move, you’re checking over your possessions, and then you notice… you’ve collected a lot of items you don’t need or use anymore. That’s why our Anchorage residential movers with Allied Alaska are here to give you their best advice about where to donate your unwanted items when you’re preparing to move. There are tons of thrift stores around Anchorage that accept a huge array of items, so we’ll walk you through some popular ones. 

Goodwill in Anchorage 

Goodwill is perhaps one of the most popular thrift stores across the country, and the 2 Goodwill locations in Anchorage are great places to drop off items you no longer need. Goodwill accepts your: 

  • Vehicles 

  • Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry 

  • Linens and Upholstery 

  • Cookware and Dishware 

  • Toys

  • Electronics 

  • Collectibles 

  • Tools 

At Allied Alaska, we advocate for Goodwill because we’re big fans of their mission statement. Goodwill’s aim is to offer people a hand to help them up instead of a handout. They strive to give people in our community a chance a sustain themselves and buy the things they need at a price low-income families can afford. If you would like to drop off your unwanted items at one of the two Goodwill stores in Anchorage, you can find their locations and phone numbers here

The Salvation Army in Anchorage 

The Salvation Army also has 2 locations in Anchorage, which makes it convenient to drop off items in the location closest to you. The Salvation Army will accept items such as: 

  • Clothes, Jewelry, and Shoes 

  • Books, Records, and CDs 

  • Toys 

  • Mattresses 

  • Linens 

  • Upholstery

  • Furniture, Collectibles, and Antiques 

  • Pianos and Organs 

  • Cookware and Dishware 

  • Cooking Appliances 

  • Electronics 

  • Exercise Equipment 

  • Gardening and Farming Equipment 

  • Vehicles 

The mission of both of The Salvation Army stores is to spread the Christian word of God and provide for members of our local community. Though The Salvation Army is a Christian organization, you don’t need to be part of the Christian faith to receive help. The Salvation Army is non-discriminatory, and they help everyone in Anchorage that they can. To contact both of The Salvation Army locations in Anchorage, you can find them here

Habitat for Humanity Restores in Anchorage 

Habitat for Humanity is very involved in the lives of local Anchorage residents needing their help. Habitat for Humanity Restore also accepts many household items you may have laying around, including: 

  • Tools and Gardening Items 

  • Doors

  • Cabinets and Countertops 

  • Windows

  • Lighting 

  • Plumbing Items 

  • Furniture, Including Upholstered Furniture 

  • Flooring 

  • Hardware 

  • Lumber

  • Architectural Items 

  • Electronics 

  • Appliances 

  • Home Décor 

As you can see, Habitat for Humanity Restore accepts items that closely align with their mission of providing our community with affordable housing supplies. Habitat for Humanity builds homes for local residents and they are dedicated to spreading the love of God and bringing people closer together. If you would like to donate your items to Habitat for Humanity Restore in Anchorage, you can schedule your donation pick up here

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Allied Alaska has a local team of movers in Anchorage who would like to offer even more information about how you can donate your unwanted items to local charities and thrift stores in the area. To learn more, please call our Anchorage long-distance movers now!