Moving with large, fragile items in Alaska doesn’t have to be a stressful, labor-intensive process. Based on their experience, our residential movers in Alaska from Allied Alaska are here to give you their best advice about moving with large valuables. From custom crating to storing your belongings in secure warehouse facilities, our movers have learned the methods of moving valuables of all kinds.

Some Large, Fragile Items Need Specialized Moving

You may be wondering what large, fragile items need special attention when you’re ready to move. There are many, but some common examples are:

  • Expensive, Large Screen Televisions
  • One-of-a-Kind Sculptures and Statues
  • Collectible and Valuable Artwork
  • Large, Ornate Mirrors

Items like these can easily be damaged on a moving truck without specialized care. By choosing a reputable long-distance moving company in Alaska like Allied Alaska, you won’t have to worry about whether your belongings will be worse for wear at the end of your move. We provide:

  • Custom Crating
  • Custom Boxes
  • Moving Pads

Our custom crates can be made into any size so that they perfectly fit the item you want protected. This way, they won’t have room to move around while they’re inside the truck. Custom boxes are made in the same way, and we like to use them for large screen TVs. Moving pads are used to cushion your items, much in the same way as bubble wrap.

You Can Take Extra Steps to Protect Your Investments

Every moving company is required by the law to give you basic valuation coverage for your items. In case anything goes wrong, your belongings will be reimbursed by their weight. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the full monetary value of your items back if they’re only covered by weight.

This is why we recommend you ask your moving company about their full valuation coverage options. Full valuation coverage gives you your money back based on your items’ real value.

Store Your Large, Fragile Valuables in Secure Warehouses

Long-distance moving companies in Alaska like Allied Alaska can offer you secure storage space to store your large, fragile items in for safekeeping. You may not be ready to have your items with you at your new home as soon as you get there, which is why Allied Alaska offers short-and-long-term storage solutions in warehouses across the state.

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