One thing that could give you additional stress during a long-distance move is the transportation of collectible items like heirlooms, luxury handbags, vintage collections, fine china, and so on. Inevitably, you worry that your collectibles may get broken, lost, or damaged during your long-distance relocation. 

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because this article compiled by our experienced Alaska long-distance movers will provide some secret tips and techniques to ensure that your collectible items are safely transported during your relocation. Our residential movers in Alaska have provided these tips to help you adequately pack, protect and store your collectible items. Here are a few tips for protecting your collectible items during a long-distance relocation:

Use Proper Packing Supplies for Small Collectible Items

One way to protect your smaller collectible items during a long-distance relocation is to use proper packing supplies to pack the items. Packing supplies like acid-free packing paper, bubble roll, tapes, corrugated cardboard boxes with dividers like dish pack cartons, and packing peanuts can be used to wrap, package and pad your collectible items. The right packing supplies like corrugated cardboard boxes and bubble rolls can also provide an extra layer of protection or padding for your collectible items.

You also want to be careful when secure-wrapping your items. For example, when taping packing supplies around your collectible item, you want to make sure that the tape doesn’t touch the sensitive parts of your items. Frankly, there are so many special tips for adding protection to your collectible items that many professional movers use, which can’t all be shared in this article. Therefore, you can also consider using the professional full, partial, or fragile-only packing services of reliable residential movers in Alaska like Allied Alaska.

Use Moving Blankets and Crating for Large Collectible Items

Using cardboard and wrapping paper may not work so well for your larger collectible items. So, reputable professional moving companies can help you custom-create wood crating that fits the exact size of your large collectible items, thereby minimizing movement during transportation. Many Alaska long-distance movers use moving blankets to provide outer padding for large items during transportation.

Get Value Protection Planning

One of the things to consider when moving your valuable collectible items is damage reimbursement in case your item gets damaged during transportation. By law, most professional moving companies provide free basic valuation coverage services (also known as released value protection). However, this may not be a good fit for your collectible items because it covers the provision of damage reimbursement based on the weight of your item rather than its replacement value. This means that you can’t get adequate financial reimbursement if your lightweight or even heavyweight collectible items are damaged during transportation because you’re not given reimbursement based on the actual value of your item.

Therefore, you need to ask your move provider for their full value protection options if you want full replacement value protection. Of course, you would be better off self-transporting your smaller valuable items like jewelry, coins, stamps, or card collections. If that’s not possible, you can also use specialty insured shipping services.

Use Warehouse Storage

If your new home is yet to be ready for habitation because of renovations or you’re yet to get a good house that meets your needs, then you should consider hiring professional long-distance movers like Allied Alaska that also provide short- and long-term storage services. With a trusted moving company, you should be able to store your collectibles in enclosed wood vaults or even climate-controlled storage units if your items are sensitive to temperature.

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