When you live in beautiful Alaska, long-distance movers are accustomed to the stressors that come with icy roads, unexpected detours, and many other obstacles that show up along the way. Our long-distance movers from Allied Alaska would like to share some of their top tips on how to keep children, pets, plants, and yourself relaxed and stable no matter what your long-distance move brings.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Yourself

When it’s time to uproot the life you once had and replant yourself and your family somewhere new, the last thing you want are issues on the road there. One way to prevent undue stress on yourself when it’s time to move is to read online reviews about local, reputable long-distance movers.

Qualified long-distance movers with many positive reviews, like those with Allied Alaska, will give you peace of mind that your belongings will safely make it from point A to your destination. Two huge benefits to hiring professional long-distance movers are the time you will save that would have been spent packing your home and proper packing of your possessions for transport.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Children

Big moves can be incredibly stressful for children who have friends and an old school life they will have to leave behind. To help prepare your child for a long-distance move, these are recommended tips for broaching the topic with sensitivity and compassion:

  • Break the news in a positive way, announcing a fresh start.
  • Talk about the move as something good for the family.
  • Allow your child to express their feelings about the move to you.
  • Remind your child they will soon have new friends who love them.
  • Help your child stay in contact with old friends if they want to.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Pets

Some of our furry friends get stressed during a big move, but there are definitely steps you can take towards making your canine or feline much happier in your new home! We recommend that you:

  • Make sure your new home has enough space.
  • Crate-train your pet before long road trips.
  • Pet-proof your new home before settling in.
  • Bring your pet’s favorite toys and treats.
  • Allow pets to acclimate to new rooms slowly.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Plants

Did you know that plants can get stressed out during long-distance moves, too? To make sure all your plants survive moving to a new environment, Allied Alaska movers suggest you:

  • Use pots that aren’t breakable for potted plants.
  • Make sure to keep watering plants regularly.
  • Try to keep the temperature from changing too much.
  • Understand the new climate you are moving to.

Call Allied Alaska’s Long-Distance Movers for More Information 

Allied Alaska’s team of long-distance movers want to help make your big move as stress-free as possible. In addition to providing short-term storage and packing supplies, our Alaska long-distance movers specialize in:

  • Careful Packing for All Items
  • Padding/Wrapping of Furniture
  • Custom Crating for Fragile Items

For more information about long-distance moving services call our Allied Alaska team today!