Moving from Alaska can be challenging, especially when you’re moving your entire household across state lines. This kind of move requires careful planning and expert coordination because it goes beyond mere packing of boxes. You have to plan with a reputable Alaska long-distance moving company well ahead of time. Read on to learn how to go about the entire process.

Book Your Move in Advance

Most people relocate in summer because it’s the peak moving season. During these summer months, most moving companies are often booked to their full capacity. Many moving companies will even refuse new bookings because all their trucks and crews are in use. So, if you want to avoid disappointments, you should book your move early. 

Choose the Right Moving Provider

A moving company associated with a major van line is the perfect choice for your Alaska long-distance move. This is because all the moving companies associated with a major van line have all the licensing requirements to transport household items across state lines. So, when talking to a moving provider that is not affiliated with a van line, make sure to enquire if they are licensed to carry out interstate moves. Also, you should read reviews of moving companies to know if they are a safe choice for your Alaska move. 

Ask About Storage Services

You need to talk with your moving provider about their warehouse storage services. You may need temporary storage for your items in case there is a huge time difference between departure from your existing home and arrival in your new home. 

Ask About Available Protection Plans

You should seek protection for your items during relocation. All moving companies, by law, provide damage reimbursement (not replacement value) for their customers’ items based on the weights. If you would like to have coverage that provides full replacement value protection for your items, you would have to ask your potential moving provider about their full value protection options available for purchase.

Decide What to Move or Donate

As you plan your move, you should think about donating some items like old clothes. You can also sell old furniture and appliances. This will reduce your moving expenses and save you the stress of moving unwanted items. You should also carry smaller precious items like jewelry and electronic gadgets if you will not be paying for full value protection. 

Grab a Free Quote for a Seamless Alaska Long-Distance Move

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