In recent years, Texas has seen its fair share of jobseekers in the healthcare field moving to the state. Renowned for its many hospitals, universities, and research labs, the Texas region is quickly becoming a hotspot for people who are looking to further their medical career.

Moving to Texas has several benefits and opportunities for jobseekers wanting to relocate. The job market varies by region, but each of the major cities is a hub for jobs related to medical care.

Houston Medical Careers

For employees considering the central Houston area, the Texas Medical Center provides abundant opportunities for jobs, as around 106,000 people currently work for the center. With stops along the METRORail Red Line, you’ll have no problem navigating the area by public transportation. Moving to Houston to work for the Texas Medical Center may be a good choice for you if you thrive on adrenaline and working in a fast-paced environment, as 3,300 patients are treated by staff each day.

Dallas Medical Careers

The Southwestern Medical District is a large region located off of I-35. Encompassing an area of over 1,000 acres, this district is the site of multiple hospitals (including Parkland Memorial Hospital) and university buildings, such as the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. You may want to consider moving to Dallas no matter your specialty, as the district treats pediatric and geriatric patients.

San Antonio Medical Careers

Another area that is known for its healthcare opportunities is the South Texas Medical Center. Moving to San Antonio to work for this medical center will likely be a great step in your career, as it treats patients from 38 counties. You’ll have over 45 medical facilities to consider when sending out job applications. 12 hospitals are located in South Texas Medical Center’s sprawling 900 acres, making it a suitable option for experienced hospital staff.

Long Distance Moving to Texas

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