Many homeowners opt to hire moving companies when relocating to a new home, whether they are just moving several blocks away or to a new city or state. This is because moving can be a stressful experience for even small projects—and professional movers can make the process much easier on everyone involved.

However, this depends entirely on the company you choose to rely on for your moving project. Along with great companies, there are many inexperienced, inefficient, or even fraudulent ones that advertise their services, especially over the summer season. With this, it is highly important to carefully evaluate your options and choose the best one from the providers you are considering.

Allied Alaska is one of the highest rated moving companies in the state and is dedicated to making the moving experience a seamless, enjoyable experience for its customers. We understand how devastating it can be to find out that the movers you’ve hired were not prepared or willing to make your move a success—which is why we’ve provided this guide to help you learn how to research and compare movers for the best possible outcome.

Comparing Moving Quotes

Budget is usually a top concern for most households and businesses moving, and comparing moving quotes is an essential part of evaluating your choices. You can start comparing by looking at the quotes provided by moving companies. It is recommended to obtain at least three estimates from different professionals in order for you to consider the best option. Be wary of companies that offer rates that are too high or too low than average quotes you collect. Chances are, the company is trying to lure you in with low rates (while charging exorbitant fees for “extras”), or their rates are simply too high.

Compare Based on the Services That Will Be Provided

Moving companies might present their rates in different ways, which might make some of them seem like they’re more affordable than others when the opposite is true. When comparing companies, it is important to take a close look at what exactly you will be getting. Does the rate they offer cover the entire move or are extras charged separately? What are those extras? Review the services that each one can offer you, what’s included in service packages, and hire the company that is best suitable for your needs.

Check and Compare Ratings and Feedback

There are several review sites online that you can check in order to find out what previous clients are saying about each company. Of course, you will want to work with moving companies with high ratings and the most positive feedback. More than anything else, customers’ feedback reflect the quality of service that a moving company can provide.

Compare Licensing, Insurance, and Affiliations

The legitimacy of a moving company can be judged based on its licensing, permits, and affiliations with industry-related organizations. It is recommended to choose companies that are affiliated with the American Moving and Storage Association and Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure that the company is licensed with the US Department of Transportation and is fully insured. By comparing their credentials and insurance policy, you will be able to judge which one you can best rely on for your moving needs.

The Most Reliable Moving Company You Can Trust

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