When you begin thinking about an overseas move, regardless of distance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Moving nationally seems difficult enough, and international moves present a new array of challenges. Don’t fret any longer! At Allied Alaska, our Fairbanks movers are experts at providing seamless, low-stress international moves. Our professionals have gathered a list of need-to-know tips that will simplify even the most complex overseas moves and let you breathe a sigh of relief! Some important things to keep in mind include:

Insure it!

At least some insurance is needed for international moves – no matter how careful your movers are, overseas moves present more opportunities for damage and missing items. Have your items evaluated and insured so they can be replaced, if need be.

Remember Your Wheels!

Different counties have varying regulations on cars and fuel. Check with customs before the moving process begins, and make sure you can drive in your new country.


Your pets will be in cargo the entire flight, so make sure they’ll be comfortable for the trip. If you can find a smaller direct flight, this is ideal to reduce the time your pet spends in a carrier. Mark the carrier with name, address, and any specific instructions.


This is a no-brainer, but make sure you have your Visa, passport, and other relevant documentation ready long in advance. If you need a new passport, allow at least one month for processing and delivery. Be sure to bring up-to-date medical and dental records.


Different countries will have different regulations for vaccines. Check with an official at your future destination or the U.S. Public Health Service Quarantine Division to get up-to-date.

At Allied Alaska, our Anchorage movers will ease your international move and provide the seamless, comprehensive relocation solutions you deserve. Contact us today to begin your best move ever!