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Alaska Records Storage

Records Management

Looking for a company to store your files and documents? Allied Alaska's records management services have the comprehensive solutions you need. We are Alaska's capital archivists. We manage all of the Alaska archive services in the capital region of Juneau and have other archive centers throughout Alaska. Paperwork can take up a lot of valuable space in your building - space that could be put to better use.

Our management services and Alaska storage facilities are extremely safe and secure. The facilities are fireproofed and theft protected to guarantee that your important documents are safe. There's no need to pay for a larger office for your documents storage when you could store your items at a cost-effective price with Allied Alaska. You will only need to pay for the space you use for storing your files, and you can easily increase or decrease the amount of space which you need.

Alaska Records Storage

Allied Alaska's records storage is the economic alternative to:

  • An overcrowded office
  • High office rental costs
  • Misplaced information
  • Storage rooms overfilled with outdated records
  • Wasting time trying to find old files
  • High costs of file cabinets and storage containers
  • Increasing cost of professional microfilming equipment and/or service bureaus

We will improve your office's efficiency and save you valuable time and money with our records management services. We have the ability to design storage programs for you to accommodate your records storage needs and will work closely to decide which records need to be sent to storage.

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